Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Photo a Day continues

Another month, another set of pictures...

1st July; Forest School and today we made boats by splitting small logs and drilling a hole for a mast. Then we added leaf sails before testing them on the stream. I just loved the way the children were all poking their boats with sticks!

2nd July; Pet Day at school and this fantastic tortoise called Freddie came to visit. He is 45 years old and was given to the mother of a child in our class when she was just 4! He was gorgeous and a fascinating animal to be able to see close to.

3rd July; Come on, be a bit jealous....these are my radishes! Impressed? You should be!!

4th July; do you remember in the spring I took a photo of us ripping out all the plants that had grown through the fence from next door? Well just look at this cheeky rose poking through again!

5th July; looks like a good year for blackcurrants. We had about 8 last year but it looks like we might be in for a few more this year. Not quite ripe yet however.

6th July; another Uni Open Day but to Southampton this time. We had to change at Three Bridges and I was struck by this fab building on the opposite platform. So different from the steel or concrete structures that stations are these days.

7th July; we are having a mini heatwave...or is it just summer at last? Well whatever it is, Ken and Jasper cleaned and filled the hot tub AND put up the gazebo whilst we were out yesterday. So the children were in it as soon as it had heated up! Now we just need to buy a new cover...

8th July; the last Forest School session. Whatever am I going to photograph on a Monday now? We made a fire and cooked mini pancakes for this session. All the children got to light a sparky and put a stick on the fire too and they were just so sensible and even a few had to be a bit brave!
I have just loved forest school and the children seem to have done too. Lets hope we can do something similiar next year too.
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Linda said...

lovely photos as ever! I fancy a go in your hot tub- but maybe it should be a cold tub in this hot weather!