Friday, 19 July 2013

A Scrappy Quilt

Remember the scrappy quilt we made for charity? Well we were so inspired by how it all came together that we decided to pool our scraps and each make our own scrappy quilt....but to keep this time!

We took our scraps to The Cabin where Burnice and I cut them up and shared them out into three piles; one each

They ended up all slightly different and were cut different widths and lengths.

Once I got mine all home I sorted them all out into colours. The quilt I had decided to make needed the colours all separated so for the colours where I had a large pile, I was able to further sub-divide into light and dark.

The pattern I chose came from a book I have called "Sunday Morning Quilts" and begins with a piece of cream fabric, pretty much whatever size you like....

....I began with a red slab so sorted out all my reds into dark, middle and light.

It is a bit like a log cabin pattern except you start with a piece the same size as your cream piece and then just add strips of different widths and lengths around it. Whenever my strip wasn't quite long enough I joined bits together until it fitted.

Gradually I built up the slab until it was a square of roughly 15". I really tried not to get my cream bit in the middle and to keep the outside strips looking random and unplanned! Then I trimmed it to exactly 15" before sewing around the block just to support it until I actually get it all sewn together.

I made several more is the bright greens...different sized starter piece this time.

As you can see I just made up all the slabs using all the scraps; I managed light and dark blue, 2 pink squares as well as several others. Once I got to this point I decided I needed to make it bigger. Therefore more scraps were needed so I asked Linda and Burn for more and raided my Mums scanty supplies to get enough for the last few slabs!
Now it is 4x4 and tomorrow I am off to buy backing. I will show you the finished top and the backing I chose tomorrow. Not sure how to bind it yet!
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Sid said...

Great quilt squares, I am in the process of doing one too, think I will put borders around each square though !!

Great work, I find it most satisfying to do !

Burnice said...

it looks great irl. I notice in your pic a day that I shared a link to "hoarders". Don't remember doing that!!!!
Cabin looked tidy - didn't it?
Better than when we finished anyway!