Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bit more Photo a Day

Jan 9; Today was Minnie's haircut day so we have 2 pics...


...and after!

Jan 10; Katy was made redundant from her job. The deli had to close down so everyone was told to help themselves to all the produce. Katy had to dash off to a violin lesson but we thought this was quite a good redundancy package!

Jan 11; Katy used her new hairdryer for the first time.For some reason she and Jasper had a Titanic moment!

Jan 12; I went to Burnices cabin to celebrate her birthday with Linda. We had a delicious roast dinner and ate far too much!

Jan 13; I went down and had coffee with Mum and she tried to think of things for her birthday at the end of the month!

Jan 14; We were forecast LOADS of snow. Haa Haa, this was all we got!

Jan 15;I got an extra Christmas present today from my class teacher. She bought me the book which I popped into my new red handbag!
That's all for now, nearly caught up and it looks like we might be heading for another snow day tomorrow so I can show you what I have been making.
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Burnice said...

Need to see that book Mrs Wells!
Looking at my pic me thinks me needs to go on a diet (again!). Glad you had a great time in the cabin. Burnice x