Saturday, 26 January 2013

More of my life....

Ok, some more pics of my Photo a Day.

Jan 16; my friend Alison's birthday and we all went to the pub....yes on a SCHOOL night! 

Jan 17; I had a party bag from said aforementioned party and in it was a pot of bubbles. My dogs go MAD for bubbles so Eliza was playing with them.

Jan 18: finally we got our promised snow. It was forecast to come in the morning rush hour. I drove to school, it started at about 9 and so the Head sent all the children back home as they arrived. My children had an INSET day already so they got out the Scrabble. I won't play it....too much hanging about for me. I find it the most tedious game imaginable!

Jan 19; went to build a snowman. After Derek that we built 2 years ago we fancied a challenge so meet Daphne Dalek. Sadly some yob kicked her head off just the next day and althought we re built her they came back and tipped her completely over. Much anger in our household over that.

Jan 20; It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed all day long! This is the tree in my garden by the end of the day.

Jan 21; another snowday! This time we took the dogs for a walk and Katy decided this fresh untouched snow was just too tempting for words!

Jan 22. Back to school and we took the children outside to make snow domes and then did some clearing of the playground.

Jan 23; rather uneventful but I continued to crochet a rainbow blanket I started at the end of November and I moved from blue to indigo!

Jan 24; after a break of I don't know how long I did some scrapbooking again. I started my Christmas Journal.
There you go, I am all caught up so I shall just add them once a week now.
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Burnice said...

well done you! I must do one of those photo a day things one day!!
Burn x