Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year, New Challenge

Happy New Year to you all! Now I had a fab long post explaining all my plans for 2013 but for some reason I cannot get pictures onto my blog at the moment! Nothing has changed so if you have an idea why please let me know!
Therefore I can't show you anything I have been up to! We had a very quiet Christmas; Ken was working and then he got flu when he was off!
So basically my plans for 2013 craftwise....
I am doing my version of Photo 365 and taking a photo every day. I was going to show you the first batch! I'm not sure whether I will scrap them or just store them digitally.
Second I am going to try hard not to buy any (well not much) new fabric or wool but upcycle all the old clothing I have saved into quilts and cushions and flex that design muscle I think I have hidden in there somewhere!
Thirdly....because I think it is good to have three goals, I want to try and sell some of the things I make. This is the scariest one and I have NO idea how to begin!!!

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Burnice said...

ditto on the not buying and the trying to sell bit. Sees yer Saturday.
Burnice x