Sunday, 12 February 2012

Feeling Patriotic?

As I had been such a good girl I decided that I could treat myself to a new mini project! I had to take Katy to Lewes to the violin repair shop to have some work done on her violin so as we had to wait for it I thought I had better pop into The Patchwork Dog and Basket. Well it would be rude not to! Linda had given me a pattern for a Union Jack cushion (well if you can call it a pattern!) and I wanted to make it in reds for Jess's room in Bournemouth. So I chose some lovely fabric.

This was the pattern, somewhat brief for a novice like me; took me a lot of head scratching, rubbing out and cursing before I worked out how to duplicate it AND reverse it and then remember how to do foundation piecing!

Then I realised that the fabric I had chosen was very directional.....Ok so the checks weren't too bad to keep straight but the writing was another thing entirely! Oh it was soooo tricky to get it straight AND the correct way up and I wasted quite a lot of fabric by going wrong twice!

Still, eventually I got there! Here is the finished top. My problems didn't end there however because when I cut the back out I managed to measure it incorrectly and cut it about 1/2" too narrow! I shall just stuff it now as I doubt I will find a suitably sized pad for it. Note for next time; don't use fabric that has a right and wrong way up!

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Linda said...

It's looking fab!

Sid said...

Still looks great even with your problems !!