Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Art Journal Complete!!!!

Look at me go! Shall I polish my halo now? Another project finished. Week 51 was all about the tree. Real or artificial? Heirlooms or traditions; stamp some trees. BG was painty and then I stamped a fir tree in white paint before journalling in a Sharpie. Looks like I need a new one as it's a bit scratchy!

The final week....52! We had to say whether we had achieved our goals set in week 1 and use less than 10 words. Found this little trumpet and I felt I deserved a mini fanfare for sticking with it, although it was never a chore!

Then did two covers, painty, stampy and embossy! I wanted them to reflect what would be found inside.

And here it all is; a bit fat for the binder wires but I wanted it done so it had to do!

Now I have a rather exciting little project in mind.....will tell you about it tomorrow!

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Sid said...

What a fantastic achievement, but it's all been worth it !!

Linda said...

well done on completing it Tash!:) Quite an achievement.