Friday, 30 September 2011

LSNED Day 26

Today our lesson was to be learnt from our environment. This afternoon I took groups of children out into the school field to collect natural things to create an Andy Goldsworthy inspired piece of art work. At the bottom of the field one of the children found these mushrooms. They were growing under a tree where the bare soil was sun-baked as hard as concrete and yet somehow these fragile looking things had managed to force their way through the crust. How can they be so strong? Earlier we also had a prompt about putting in a photo that was particularly good so even though I snapped these by putting my camera on the floorand just hitting the button, and supervising 6 children at the same time, I am rather pleased with how they came out.
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Sid said...

Fab pics !!

Linda said...

great pics Tash. I love putting my camera on the floor for a photo, brings a whole new perspective.

di basnett said...

Amazing photos