Saturday, 17 September 2011

LSNED Day 16

Todays lesson was about learning from watching other people. Hmm, a slight slant on this as this really is a lesson I NEVER have learned AND one I think that my girls need to learn from me too! I have left my straighteners on twice now, all day, in an empty (apart from the dogs) house and come home to a melted window sill. I religiously check, even returning home to check and phoning my Mum to go and check, that my straighteners are turned off AND unplugged. I know how easily houses burn down from careless hair straightener usage and I nag my girls ad infinitum about it. Yet once again they got left on......Katy owned up that it was her and luckily Hubby found them and turned them off after about 2 hours but we have yet another scorch mark to add to the collection on my windowsill. Now I am just going to be EVEN more paranoid about them!
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di basnett said...

That's a scary story, and one which I am sure you will be extra vigilant about now that you have focused on it. I'm enjoying reading your LSNED lessons.