Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LSNED Day 19

Once again I can't remember what we were meant to be thinking about today but I am afraid I had a big, tough ol' lesson rather on my mind today! Today is the day I took my oldest baby to live in Bournemouth. It's between 4-5 hours drive away (depending on traffic) and she has never lived away before. Day to day I am ok about it.....it's when I think about the big things; her place not being laid at the table; not knowing wht she has done in her day; the fact we will never again be that tight little family unit coming together each day at breakfast and tea; that's when I wobble.
Still I hope that it is everything she hopes it is and wish her all the best luck in the world. xx

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Ian and Karen said...

Know how you feel Natasha, Jess will have a great time though. These days it's easy to keep in touch with little messages via text etc. I loved sending little gifts to my two every so often, it helped me, don't really know what they thought!

Linda said...

((HUGS)) Tash! It does get easier! I tried sending Nicholas little presents, bars of chocolate, but the postage cost more than the chocolate! Good luck to Jess!