Sunday, 20 March 2011

My tidy mind!

So this is the beginning of sorting out my button collection! This is the contents of one large cake tin, an ice cream tub and another small tin that I have collected from Mum, my Grandad (who was a tailor) some I have bought and some from Freecycle. Eliza helped me to sort this lot last night and we continued today with another HUGE tin that are much older. It was too dark to take a pic of them tonight and we still have lots to go, but many are very early vintage ones. I am a bit freaked out by the hairy, thready bits so Eliza is gradually snipping them off for me and adding them to the collection! Now I know I will use them much more as I can find exactly what I want with ease! Anyone know a good project for tons of beige/brown buttons?
This weeks Journal page is "Home... what does it mean to you, use a heart stamp and a picture of a house". Broke out the Distress Inks for this one. I used a brush for the BG and then watered them down to paint the houses. I am not really too bothered about the bricks and mortar of the building we live in as for me, home is wherever we happen to be, all together. Maybe that is a bonus of having a big family!
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Sid said...

Super storage and great page !!

Linda said...

love the photo of the buttons!

FeltByRae said...

Ah, button collections - our family one is at mum's house in a big tin - I still love sitting and sifting through them when I am feeling a bit blue or tired!

I have my beads all tidy like your buttons, it is a lovely feeling getting soething like neat and easy to see isn't it?