Sunday, 13 March 2011

Art Journal Week 11

I am dead quick off the mark this week! Our task this time; " What scares you? List 5 things, use a scary colour for the BG, stamp with paint". Well magnolia is the colour that scares me most, especially after years of magnolia painted Army Married Quarters! I have printed using white and grey ( 2 other scary colours!), a swirl stamp and a couple of bottle lids. I did have to think a bit about scary things but my 5 are wasps ( it's the pitch of their buzz), the gap in the wardrobe if I don't shut the doors properly (I can't sleep if it's open even a crack, or the blind up a bit either!), people standing close behind me (like in lifts or crowds; stems from a bank raid I was in when a man came up behind me with a gun in my side!!!) licking lolly sticks (urgh, can't even WATCH someone else licking one!) and lastly hair in plugholes (can't bear the way the damp hair sticks to you when you try to get it out). Ewwww what horrid scary things these are!
Right off for therapy now.....
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Donna said...

I promise I won't send you any lollipops!!!