Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Art Journal Week 9.

This was another fab theme! I don't know where Efemera gets her ideas from but I just love them all. Each week I am waiting to see what will come up next! This one was "Fashion, tell us about your disasters, include some fabric and something from a magazine." I knew I wanted to do a dress up paper doll so that was my starting point and I cut her clothes out of fabric to represent the fashions as I grew up. The one thing I have had for many years and are always bang on trend, are my DM's (sadly not these ACTUAL ones!) so I scoured some VOGUE magazines for a pic of some. I found these which are white ones, customized by the stylist. The BG is another page which was a close up of a lace dress that I gessoed over and then doodled on with felt pens. Just added a bit of journalling and outlines round the pics to clarify.
Wham, Week 9 done!


Sid said...

Simply fab journal page !!

Linda said...

nice work Tash!

Donna said...

Cute,I had the little girls making paper dolls in my art class. They loved them!