Wednesday, 21 July 2010

K Fortnight

This fortnight we had a different problem to usual! We had stacks of things to do but couldn't fit them all in! The first weekend there was a Kite Festival in Brighton but we had to go to the Uckfield Carnival on the Saturday and then on the Sunday was the Year 6 Kit Car Grand Prix! At least that began with K. The children built the cars at school and then raced against 19 other schools, finishing a fantastic 8th!

This is Jasper driving on his turn. Eliza didn't want to drive so helped me support.....loudly!

This gorgeous chap is Kynan. Eliza walks him every day but he has had a huge operation on his back leg so is recovering at the moment. She has been going to visit him and so we had to include him as he is a K and rather photogenic!

Then we decided to fly our own kite. Oh My goodness! It was sooooo hard! This is Ken and Jasper flying Ken's old PeterPowell Stunt Kite from the 70's (apparently they go for a fortune on e-bay!)
Posted by PicasaJasper launching it....
Even I had a looks impressive from the pics doesn't it? But sadly I have to admit it barely stayed in the sky for more than 30 seconds at a time!This is those brief few seconds in the sky! Apparently it was the wrong sort of wind! Too gusty and not steady enough.

We had also bought a small seagull kite which was no easier to fly either! This was my favourite picture of the day; Katy looking rather glamorous whilst launching it!

Another fortnight comes to a close then. I was a bit upset to miss the Kite Festival but hey ho, maybe we could do it next year!


Sid said...

Not had the string of a kite in my hands for ages ! Memories !!

Sarah said...

we're having the same problem with S fortnight - millions of things we want to do which we have been saving for S - but no time to fit them all in. Ah well.

love your kite piccies