Sunday, 18 July 2010

End of Year 2 Book

At the end of the school year I like to make a present for my class teacher from the children. This usually takes the form of a book with photos of the class or drawings accompanied by a little message from them too. Two years ago when we went to Corfu, we had to buy some coffee filters. I carefully saved them, and brought them home to use...."one day". Well this was that one day!
I used the new doodlebug papers as we have been doing "Come Outdoors" topic this year. I covered the coffee filters and made tags from plain card for the children to write on. I can't show the tags as they have photos on but each child has written a message underneath and I added a sticker or two to each one too. She has three different little books now! I don't know if she likes them but I like making them so I don't mind what she does with them afterwards!
This is proof that you should never throw anything away! You never know when you might use it!
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Sid said...

Fab book, really unusual shape !!

Angelnorth said...

I bet she likes them better than yet another bottle of smellies or fattening chocolates! Fab book and a great idea to have the kids do individual tags for it!

Deborah said...

what a fab idea! those papers are lovely.

Unknown said...

Fabulous, I bet she'll love it. So unique