Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Art Journal

Well everyone seems to be doing these now don't they? It was not really anything I had spent time thinking about...too personal for me I thought. But then Gilly gave me this amazing book that opens with pages that are double (good pocket potential) and the spine isn't really there so they form a kind of zig zag! Now that has to be the worst description of a book ever but it was from a supplier called Seawhite and has lovely thick art paper pages.
I kept getting it out and smelling the paper (I have a "thing" about the smell of paper! Am I weird?). Then I bought a book called Journal Bliss and I flicked through it.....
The first pages were about giving your inner critic a voice; then you can turn him/her off and move forward. Well believe it or not I have not a lot of self confidence so this was one of the most empowering images I have ever discovered! Finally I could lie to rest all those things that parents/teachers and "friends" say about me and my "creations"! And I could voice my own self doubts. So feeling thoroughly liberated and not bothered about whether I CAN draw I set to.
This is the page that will be my first in a series of artistic musings about my life and expect random stuff! This will be my touchstone when I feel unsure and remind me whyI know I CAN!
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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! You go girl! x

Sid said...

Fab journal entry, never done one but keep thinking about it. Love you ideas and clarity !

Deborah said...

Well done you for making the first step. (I haven't. Yet.) I can totally relate to 'what's it FOR?' LOL