Saturday, 22 May 2010

F Fortnight

Well for once we did tons of stuff beginning with F! We began with a fabric filled day at the patchwork exhibition (that I have already blogged about!)

We ate our lunch in the courtyard of the Vand A where there were these stunning almost black flowers....

...and fountains.

We decided to go to Birling Gap fossil hunting. Here is Ken searching...

...and Eliza, with a rather impressive shot of the cliffs!

Then Eliza found a fossilised sponge.
On the way we went through here and also Friston (but for some reason I can't load that photo)

Posted by PicasaA few weeks ago Jasper went to a friends house and learnt how to tie flies for fishing. Then he went fly-fishing (but not during this fortnight sadly) and caught some trout. One was this Brown Trout and the chap that took Jasper has never, ever managed to catch a Brown trout in that lake! Well now I have set the scene, we ATE the fish this fortnight...

...with almonds and herb butter! Mmmmm!

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