Sunday, 23 May 2010

Birdie CJ

At last! I have finally managed to squeeze in some craft. I went to see Gilly last week where a group of us usually scrapbook. However I was only able to stay for a little while and I also was very overdue with this CJ so I decided to take it along to do. This CJ came with a swirly bird stamp and was full of lots of phrases like Bird-Brain, four and twenty blackbirds, bird's eye view etc, so I needed to come up with something different. At the other end of Uckfield there is a road to Framfield that is called Bird-In-Eye Hill and it is also the name of the area where the hospital and a small industrial unit are. I decided to do some research to see what I couold find out about it and why it might have such a funny name!
Well my research came to a big fat nothing, other than in 1841 it appeared in the census as Bird Nye, Burdeneye and Birdentye! Oh well, despite that, it was the inspiration for this LO. I printed the map off the internet and hand drew the eye. I coloured the various parts using watercolour pencils and glimmer mists and once I had retrieved the pieces from Gillys cat, I assembled them on top of the map! Gilly then gave me the little sticker to accentuate the place on the map!
I have now received the next CJ and guess what the stamp is.....yup, ANOTHER bird!!!! Can I do this again I wonder or is that cheating?!
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Sid said...

What a difficult one, but you managed to do it with the eye !

Lesley Edmonds said...

I really like this - very clever.
I've enjoyed looking at all your fortnight pics too - how did I miss those?
Hope you're well.
Lesley x