Sunday, 2 March 2014


You know I said I was creating something.......well I ran out of fabric but I will show you so far.....
First you have to admire in close, close detail the lovely pansy fabric! Stroke it, smell it, fold and unfold it and then spend ages thinking of the best way to show it off! Linda and I trawled through books and magazines before I decided upon the first one I had seen! It came from this book;
It was just a picture, no pattern, so I had to think about exactly how it was going to come together.
First of all I cut the pretty fabric into 6.5" squares.
Then I trimmed the edges to make them wonky....much to Eliza's horror!
Then I joined them to a 3" strip. This was my first calculation error. I had forgotten that my borders actually only needed to have a finished measurement of 1" and that my final squares wanted to be 8.5" (before joining) so I had drastically cut my strips too wide!
Then I trimmed them off their strip and repeated on the other side. This time I used a narrower strip as I had discovered my error!
All this shilly-shallying about meant I now didn't have enough green fabric to finish all the edges so I only managed to complete 9 squares AND despite careful trimming as I went, they have ended up 8" square before sewing together.
Well you get the idea. Now I need to buy more green to finish it off. Hmmmm need to plan more carefully next time as I ended up wasting quite a bit of trimmings. Or use a pattern!


Linda said...

oooo lovely! Sorry about the wasted fabric, but it is going to be really gorgeous! See you Monday:)

Sid said...

Looks great, the planning stage is very important as we all discover that mistakes make us more aware for future creations ! Learn as you go.

Burnice said...

Measure twice - cut once!!!!!!