Saturday, 8 February 2014

New crochet project.

New year, new project needed! Each month, Burnice, Linda and I meet in Burnices'cabin to craft. We do a variety of things but this year I suggested that we stick to one, build it up a month at a time, type project. So we have decided to crochet a few blocks each month from this book.
We have each chosen five colours of yarn. These are mine; cranberry, wine, hot pink, gold and orange. Very bright but I hope they will make a cheerful throw eventually.
Then we chose six granny squares each to do. These are my six....
Now I have to crochet Burnices' six and Lindas' six! I will shoe you them as I finish each six.


Linda said...

Looking fab! Love your colours:)

Burnice said...

Great tash - colours pretty cool too.