Sunday, 16 February 2014

52 Weeks of Happy

What with all the rain and that we have had recently, I have found it quite tricky to be inspired by happy things! I have focused on the fact that I am not flooded; that I am better off than many in the UK at the moment, but these aren't things I can take a picture of! So for my week 5 I decided to take a picture of a Lego Day we had at school. In the morning the younger children spent the time learning how to build properly, by overlapping the joins, and how to construct a roof with supports. I have to confess that I was prepared to not enjoy this day as I find Lego frustrating in the extreme. However there was such a huge array of different bricks that I was able to build this church....complete with graves! Now I am converted!
Week 6 was easy-peasy. Burnice and Linda and I went to a "Vintage Fair". I think we were all expecting it to be crafts, tea-sets and collectables but it was mostly vintage clothing. We had a great time rummaging through the rails and spotting things we wore "back in the day"! Vintage seems to cover clothing right up the the 90s and there was a good selection of 80s shoulder pads and 70s hippy styles. Some nostalgia for all of us!


Linda said...

Yeah, we had a lovely time at the vintage fair! Love your lego church:)

Sid said...

two fab entries !!