Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A very exciting shopping moment!

On Monday I went to visit an art wholesalers. On the way home I needed to find a shop where I could buy a reel of thread to finish Eliza's quilt. I spotted one in Haywards Heath and managed to find a parking spot just outside. The window was full of net curtains, household linens and a bit of fabric so I entered with some trepidation. Once inside I quickly found my thread and then discovered that actually there were some other bits I needed. I bought a few buttons (for a present I am knitting) and also some fleece to line some hats that Eliza and Katy are knitting.
Ok boring tale so far but I am getting I approached the counter I noticed that it was a glass one containing little drawers with ladies hankies, lacy items and girls white socks in, straight out of the 50s! Then after the lady had rung up my purchases she leant to one end of the counter and pulled off a large piece of brown paper. She wrapped my items and then tied the parcel with string, including a small loop as a carry handle!
Now I am a mere 44 years of age and NEVER have I EVER bought anything that was wrapped in brown paper! I positively skipped out of the shop and felt very special! I do remember one shop in Sevenoaks when I was VERY young that had a glass counter with those little wooden drawers.

And here are my unwrapped items! So much nicer than a plastic bag!

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Linda said...

how very old-fashioned, Lovely:)