Saturday, 20 October 2012

A bit more "scrap" knitting

I've been using up a bit more of my wool scraps. Aran wools this time. The Dogs Trust have a charity called Project Hope. They are calling for knitters to knit (or crochet) dog coats for them to donate to people who are homeless and have to sleep rough with their dogs.
 I have made three so far. The lilac one is too big for my cocker spaniel but too small for my Lab just to give you an idea of size!
  Minnie wasn't too chuffed about wearing it either! Let's hope the recipient dogs are a bit more greatful! If you would like to join in I think there is still time as they don't need them until the end of November. Visit their site for more details and a link to the pattern I used.

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Linda said...

LOl at Minnie in her lilac sweater!