Saturday, 30 June 2012


She did it!
She was so pleased with it.
Jess felt rather proud too
So they set off in just the BEST car
More tomorrow.....


Sid said...

Well must say that's fab !!

Burnice said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girls - and the dress ain't half bad either!!! Need to see that IRL tomorrow please.
Give them both a big hug from me (just a teeny weeny bit huggier for Jess cos I'm such a proud friend of her mummy's!)
Burnice xxx

Pat Beaumont said...

well done with the dress - it's gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Well a beautiful dress on a gorgeous looking daughter:) Isn't it frightening how all grown up they look when they get their posh frocks on? Brought back memories of our twin girls on their big night! Didn't Jess do well with the making of it?
Lynn x