Monday, 7 May 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Been a bit of a mad week here....had Guide Camp but I HAVE managed to get my pics done this week! So, first off is "Shadow". Last weekend was our 22nd wedding anniversary so we went out for dinner to a lovely place in Lewes. We sat inside but these daffodils were sat on the outside tables in the pouring rain making rather cool shadows on the table.

Next is "Unedited". The next day (after our meal out) we went to see my FIL and his new wife. Whilst there we went to see their new bungalow and then walked to the sea front, passing this rather cool building "thing". Bit wonky but I had to just snap and run so I wouldn't be left behind!

Now "Smile"...beach huts always make me smile....I'd love a beach hut but they are waaaaay to expensive! We saw these ones on the same walk.

"Keys"; fairly obvious this one. We got this piano for free and had to spend £50 to have it moved into our house! Two of my girls play but obvioulsy not often enough as it's a bit dusty!

Now "Fish" had me stumped for a while. But whilst on our Guide camp this weekend we did some backwoods cooking; that's cooking with no utensils or pots and pans. We had plaice, with vegetables, wrapped in foil and baked in the fire. One of my fellow leaders knew how I was struggling to get my pic so used the fish to create this rather artistic fish!!!
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Anonymous said...

These some cool finds, Love how you done your Fish picture x

Burnice said...

Well done - I struggled with those pics. Not sure about this weeks - might be too late me thinks!!!!

Linda said...

great photos Tash! Very imaginative:)