Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My new project!

Well I haven't blogged for a bit..busy as usual! But I have been crafting, scrapbooking and cards etc! This is my latest project (as you can see from my side bar).... Journal Your Christmas. Once again I get daily prompts with ideas of how I can journal important things about my Christmases. I managed to complete it last year so I am optimistic that I will do this year too.....I hope!
Page 1 is my ideas about the project; what I hope to achieve, why I want to do it etc!

Last years book was done in red and green mostly so this year I went for a different colour scheme. Page 2 is about Christmas weather. Well as you all know, we are currently suffering with excessive rain and wetness so I REALLY didn't want to journal about that! Besides I think that last year I moaned about how Christmas is usually grey and dull! So I found a picture of what we SHOULD wake up to on Christmas morning; this is the view from my bedroom window, but in February this year!
Do pop in tomorrow to see how I get on!!!
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Tinkertaylor said...

looking forward to following you on this journey,fab layout idea

Sid said...

Very super pages Tasha, nice to do instead of the tags !!