Saturday, 26 April 2014

Oops I did it again.....!

Yep, I did that "oh I can do that, only take me an afternoon" thing again. Took me 4 days! But here is the final creative thing I made in my Easter Holidays. I was inspired by this front cover,
and this Pin on Pinterest. So I clambered off to the loft again and had a good old tidy up of all the trousers I have ever collected putting coloured ones in one suitcase, black ones in a fruit box and all the blue ones in a MASSIVE box. Then I made my selection of the largest and plainest pairs.
Then I had to plan my version
Next job was drawing around my circle template which I did in biro so it would show up. As this was going to be inside it wouldn't show!
This was where the slow bit started; it took me over 4 hours to hand cut out all those circles! 140 of them!
I then drew around my square template on top of the circle and used this as the stitching line to sew my circles together
A fair bit of ironing was required after each row and then I tucked my fabric squares into the pressed circles and stitched them down with a long, wavy zig-zag stitch
I mistakenly thought this would be super quick to put together but I added fabric after I had joined each row of circles and that meant that at the end I then had to turn the quilt through 90 degrees to do the other two sides of the square.
I bought a pack of 6 fat quarters in paisley to be my middles and they all pull it together quite nicely. So finally after 3 days machining and over 1000m of navy thread (yes really that much!) it is done! I love the back with the different denims and the faint wiggles...
And it looks great next to the other denim one too! I think of them as "Circles In, Circles Out!"
And as an extra bonus, some of those zig-zagged edges are going to go all lovely and frayed with use.....


Linda said...

Wow! I am so impressed! Can't wait to see them both irl. You clever girl!!!

Sid said...

Brilliant labour of love, but it payed off !!