Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A sideways move?

I LOVE the holidays! SO much time to do what I want to do! Especially now my littlies are biggies and don't require entertaining! So as well as my quilt I have ventured in dressmaking... A few weeks ago this magazine came free with a Sunday paper
In it was this dress using stretch fabric
I have never used stretch fabric before and in fact, apart from a brief excursion into making a skirt last year (which ended up too big really), I haven't done any dressmaking since I was at school! First I had to download the pattern and glue it all together. Loved doing this!
Then I pinned it all on to the fabric. I managed to get some very cheap at Fabric Land for my first practice
My fabric had a directional pattern so I did actually remember to compensate for that so I wouldn't have any upside-downy deer! Well I had to concentrate lots so there are no more pics of the process; is the finished thing!
I am very pleased with the fit, although it does make me look a bit pregnant in these photos, and I need to practise tying the tie bit, but all in all a success! I won't be wearing it as a dress however....don't have the legs!


Linda said...

Looking fab! Love that fabric.

Burnice said...

well done you. Loving the fabric.