Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sharing some Happiness!

Ooo it's been a while since I blogged hasn't it? I have been busy creating but at the moment I am knitting two long term projects so there isn't a lot to show. I have some more bright crochet squares to show but I need to sort them out and I have had a ridiculously mad week at work this week. So excuses over I am still finding "Happy Things" which I shall now share with you! We (the Cabin Crocheters) all got together and shared the squares we had done so far! They looked great all together.
The next week we finally had some sunshine. Several consecutive days of it in fact, with warm temperatures and everything! This glorious sunrise met me one morning as I let the dogs out at silly o'clock and set off for a run! So much easier to run against this backdrop!
And just to finish it off I have already done Week 11 although it doesn't officially end until Tuesday evening! I just don't think I will see anything that makes me happier than these gorgeous magnolia flowers that I have to walk past to get into school every day! It's official...Spring has sprung!


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Burnice said...

Yes indeed - Lovely! Where did you get the "cabin" charm?
Want one, want one!!!!

Sid said...

Great entries !