Saturday, 1 March 2014

52 Weeks of Happy

Just a quick one today as I am in the middle of creating something......
We went up to London as Eliza has been desperate to buy a pair of Doc Martens for ages.We always go to The British Boot Company in Camden as they stock the biggest range in the UK. Eliza bought a navy pair and I was completely and utterly smitten by a gold pair. I now have 4 pairs of DMs! Katy however couldn't see a pair she liked so we went to Covent Garden where there is another DM shop. They tend to sell much more exclusive (for that read expensive!) boots, as well as the very seasonal ones. Katy had seen a fab spotty pair online so she got them there. They gave her this amazing bag to carry them in. Eliza and I were very jealous so we managed to blag one each! At the end of half term, I had a day sewing at Linda's house. Just round the corner from her is a GORGEOUS fabric shop, The Eclectic Maker. Imagine my excitement when I saw this beautiful fabric; it has pansies on it! Now they are my absolute favourite flowers IN THE WORLD! I love their little screaming faces but as they are an old fashioned sort of a flower, most fabrics are a bit old fashioned too.
These were not! I had to buy 6 different fat quarters. So, so happy!


Sid said...

Two great entries !!

Burnice said...

Me jealous!
Bring them for me to see tomorrow please.