Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A hangy-thingy without a hangy bit yet!

Finally I have something creative to show you that I have made! Last month when I went to Burnice's cabin (with Linda) we started these doo-dahs! Burn had some lovely printed bits to decorate the forms so whilst we waited for her to enlarge them to fit my form die we decorated the BG. Then on Monday when we went back, we got to decorate the forms.

I wanted pink. Unlike me, I know, and Burn was fighting me every step of the way! I used a birdcage die for the base of the skirt, adding a net circle. I covered the body with pink satin and then assembled it with some brown ribbon to cover the join and hide the messy bits!

Then Burn rummaged in her boxes of "stuff" and gave me the lace, the pearl, the metal rose, the bling and the cameo!
Really like how it came out and I think I might be doing some more soon!
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Sid said...

It's looking great !!

Linda said...

It is really gorgeous and of course it looks even more fabby irl!

Burnice said...

Lovely jubbly Tash. Well done on the pink!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this piece of art work Tasha. The birdcage under the skirt works fab and love all the bits of 'stuff' to decorate it.