Friday, 23 December 2011

Friendship quilts

Ages ago, way back in about September, Burn, Linda and I decided to make friendship quilts. So we each bought 2 fat quarters and gave them to each other to be made into a 12" square for each other. These were then going to be our Christmas gifts to be made into a quilt each in the New Year. Are you with me still? I decided to use my Hobo Quilts book to make three squares, one for each of us, using panels that were relevant to each of us. First I did mine. The panels mean (from top left, going clockwise) cops active, man with a gun, OK and kind hearted lady. If you know me then you will recognise the significance of these ones!

Linda gave me a fat quarter with houses on and this is her panel. She loves her garden, has a big dog and lives near the sea so her squares mean (again top left going clockwise) well-guarded house, good water, housewife feeds for chores and work available.

Burnice gave me a fat quarter that was black, grey and white spots. It is her cabin we go to once a month and she nearly always supplies us with cake or biscuits so her squares mean (same order) woman, bread, here is the place and anything goes.
I will show you the two I got from them when I get some decent light to photograph them and then next year we will join them into 3 quilts!


Linda said...

And they are even more lovely irl! I love the idea of the hobo meanings, and you've chosen so well! I am thrilled with mine. Can't wait to put them all together next year! Have a lovely Christmas:)

Burnice said...

me like mine too. Not sure when i shall get mine put together though. Still sorting the loft out! Sees yer on the 7th. Burn xxx