Tuesday, 2 February 2010

More Scrapbooking!

Another DLO from my scrapbook of 2009. I am up to August now and this was a Survival Camp that we took a group of girls on. Now I am up for sleeping in a tent but this was a whole new kettle of fish! We built shelters from plastic sheets and rope and then laid bracken on the floor. We also did "backwoods cooking" which is cooking with no pots and pans. Each group planned their own menu and we ate like kings. We cooked plaice with potatoes, tomatoes, cheese and courgettes and then a kind of christmas pudding with bread, apples, orange and raisins, served with custard! Now I know why us Leaders are on the large side!

I found this rather cute paper with owls on; doubly significant as Leaders are different varieties of owl (well they are in Brownies. At Guides I am Robin and the Leader is Kestrel) and not only that, I think I got about 2 hours sleep as the owls in the wood were screeching all night long! A very scary sound when you are on the hard forest floor with only a plastic sheet for protection! I also added this little stamped owl!
Did I enjoy the experience? Hmmmm not too sure, the setting up and building and cooking bit was great but I think I prefer a proper tent as a minimum requirement!
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Linda said...

sounds pretty brave to me Tash! Love the LO, the owl is very cute!