Thursday, 6 August 2009

Today we went to The Imperial War Museum. First stop, as ever, was the loo where they had these really cooooool I was strange and took a pic of Eliza in the loos!!!
We visited the Horrible History exhibition about the trenches which was fun and then went to the In Memoriam exhibition. It was a collection of artifacts, letters and photos that were really personal, from WW1 and very moving. Some very touching letters from servicemen, or boys as many were, to their parents or children; medals, windscreens from shot down planes and ID tags and pieces of shrapnel, each with a tale to tell. Finally we visited the Holocaust Story.....well it really told the tragic events of that time very bleakly and honestly with eye witnesses and items from the camps. I was in two minds whether to take my 10 yr olds in but it wasn't too graphic, just honest.
Sounds like a heavy day but they "enjoyed" it if that is the right word and want to go to see the bits we missed! I would really recommend it as we just paid extra for the Horrible History bit and the rest is free, so we will go back to see the "Childrens War" and the "Secret War" bits!
Now how to scrap these......
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Great 'loo' pic!!!