Monday, 22 August 2011

Quilt Number Three.

So this is the second stage in of a quilt for my bed. After I realised how straightforward Jelly Rolls are to use I bought a Moda one called Freebird. Some while ago I assembled all the strips and cut them into squares but I had only managed to sew two rows back together again and it has been languishing in a bag to be "got on with". Yesterday I cleared my decks, got rid of most of the children, and got sewing!

This was the two strips I had already re-assembled. It is a sort of picket rail design with alternating light and dark strips, the orange and the brown; not sure if I am completely happy with my choice of orange but hey, too late now!

And finally, after a break for lunch (and then a couple of hours socialising with the neighbours on the green,) I got to this stage, all the strips done and the first border sewn on. Now I need to buy more brown for the outer border and backing etc.. It seems a whole lot less orange now that it's complete!

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Effie said...

That's one fabulous quilt!

Linda said...

LOve, love, love the colours!!! Can you bring it tomorrow so I can see it irl please???

Ian and Karen said...

Looking good Natasha,

Rachelxx said...

Wow! This is lovely

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Love the quilt and the way the pattern works.