Monday, 21 April 2014

More Easter things...

First I can show you our Easter Bunny....
He quite liked eating my Easter Tree! I have been whizzing on and now I have finished my 6 crochet squares too.
I have also made myself a skirt! This was quite easy but I did learn a new skill; how to put in an invisible zip. I have put zips in before but not invisible ones and I was quite pleased with how "invisible" it ended up!
I did have a panic when I had nearly finished and held the skirt up against looked like it was going to be far too small! Luckily when I tried it on it was a perfect fit...especially as I am now loosing weight.. With a few more pounds off it will be even better.
Last thing to show you tomorrow I hope!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Getting square eyes?

Done some more of my crochet know, the REALLY bright ones. I am onto this months 16. Here are Linda's choice:
The one with the little squares took ages! These are Burnice's choice:
Now just got my 6 to do! Then I will be up to 54 out of the 100 we are planning! Oooo I am getting a lot of creative things done this hols. Got some more dressmaking under way too.....

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A sideways move?

I LOVE the holidays! SO much time to do what I want to do! Especially now my littlies are biggies and don't require entertaining! So as well as my quilt I have ventured in dressmaking... A few weeks ago this magazine came free with a Sunday paper
In it was this dress using stretch fabric
I have never used stretch fabric before and in fact, apart from a brief excursion into making a skirt last year (which ended up too big really), I haven't done any dressmaking since I was at school! First I had to download the pattern and glue it all together. Loved doing this!
Then I pinned it all on to the fabric. I managed to get some very cheap at Fabric Land for my first practice
My fabric had a directional pattern so I did actually remember to compensate for that so I wouldn't have any upside-downy deer! Well I had to concentrate lots so there are no more pics of the process; is the finished thing!
I am very pleased with the fit, although it does make me look a bit pregnant in these photos, and I need to practise tying the tie bit, but all in all a success! I won't be wearing it as a dress however....don't have the legs!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Recycle, re-use.....

Ooo it's the holidays and I have been busy, busy!! First off I have made a quilt! Yes another one. And the best thing of all is that it hasn't cost me a penny! It began with me buying this magazine;
It is a lovely mag, with lots of nice, modern scrappy quilts; right up my street. Inside was this one designed by Allison Harris.
Well I thought to myself, I rather like that so what do I have in my house to make it with? I know...a loft full of old jeans! The pattern called for 8" squares so I went and dug out 4 pairs of (large, bootleg) jeans. I cut them into said squares...
Next I raided my scraps for 48 different fabrics and cut out the circles....
Next they were machined on leaving a raw edge to fray with use!
Next they had to be cut into 4 pieces and mixed up.
Then I rejoined them back into circles, with each quarter now a different fabric.
Next arrange "in a pleasing manner" and join together, first in strips then all the rows.
Instead of making a quilt sandwich with wadding etc I decided to back this with fleece. This I had bought a while ago for another denim quilt and luckily it was big enough.
I decided just to quilt to the left and the right of each block seam.
Finally I bound it using leftover backing from another quilt.
There...all finished! I think this one will be for picnics! Can't wait 'til it starts to fray...

Sunday, 6 April 2014

More Craft Cabin Crochet!

It's coming along. I had quite a few squares to do this month so over the last few evenings I have knuckled down and got on with them. I showed you my six so here are Burnice's choice of six, executed in my oh-so-subtle colours!
Some look a bit misshapen but I'm sure that when they are all sewn together they will be fine!! Now Linda's choice; some of these caused me issues I can tell you, but finally they are done!
So that is 36 done now! Here they are all together.....only another 64 to go! I'm still liking the colours.....
Which is your favourite square?

Sunday, 30 March 2014

More "stuff"...

So what to show you first? It would appear from the lack of post on my blog that I have been doing nothing. But let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth! I have finally finished a tunic style jumper I was knitting for myself. In this picture it looks a rather dingy colour but it is in fact, a rather lovely meadow green. It fits well but I think if I did it again, I would make it a bit longer.
I rather like this moss stitch detail on the shoulder...
I have also finally finished the Pansy Quilt! It's not perfect; I would have liked a 2" border of green around the edge before the binding but hey-ho, it is what it is!
I finished joining it all together and then cut out the wadding and backing before I set to quilting it. I was the home contact for a Scout hike event last weekend, so I had to stay at home all weekend, providing the perfect opportunity to crack on!
I couldn't really decide the best way to quilt those wonky squares so after stitching in the ditch for the straights I just went around them.
I had ordered my backing over the internet; I was going to have purple but they didn't have that so I thought green. But then I panicked that it might not match enough so I went for a total contrast of pink! I love the pink and green together!
Finally I used the leftover bits of pansy fabric to make the binding; the first time I have done a scrappy binding and I quite like it! So two more finished projects. The other knitting one is still creeping along......

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Some more crochet....

I said I would show you more...these are the next six squares that I chose.
I have more stuff to show later.......