Sunday, 20 July 2014

Job half done....

Don't know about you but I am REALLY bad about labelling the quilts I have made. I have never, ever labelled one. Not a single one. I have thought about it; I have even looked for a simple label solution but somehow it has just not happened! So today Eliza was bored. "Why don't you see if you can work out how to use the memory on my sewing machine and make me some quilt labels" say I. "Ok" says she. So of course once she has made them I have to sew them on.
Turns out I've made quite a lot of quilts! And these are just some of the ones still at home! I still have about 5 to go but we got a bit fed up. I also have a label ready for Jess's quilt that now lives in Bournemouth. So maybe they aren't perfect; a little wonky and wibbly in places but hey...they say who, why and when and what more do they need?

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Jane again...

Still obsessed.....
And these blocks complete the first row of the quilt! Now because I have no desire to handstitch all 13 rows of sashing in one go. I decided to join each row as I go so here is the first finished row....
It's actually the last row because I decided to start at the end instead of the beginning! Quite liking it so far....

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Another one bites the dust!

Another thing I bought at Sandown was the fabric needed to back and therefore finish, two unfinished quilts. Now I have cheated a bit and started my Dear Jane quilt but I was a good girl and dug out a disappearing 9 patch quilt that I made a while ago at a class. Once I got going it was very quick to do and I am quite pleased with the red and grey together! Grey is not a colour I would normally use but it was just right for this!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Dear Jane....

I am ashamed to admit that I am an addict. My name is Natasha and I am addicted to my newest project.....a Dear Jane quilt! For those of you who don't have a clue what I am on about take a look here This lady sewed her quilt over 5 years and her quilt design has been converted into a book form so we can make our own "Jane " quilt. So I have begun.....hand sewing it all.
There are the first 8 of 225! A little way to go but it is completely addictive. There are 13 rows of 13 squares and I am going to make a row, join it together with the sashing and then do another row. Let's hope I make it......

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Its been a while!

Look just how long it has been since I blogged! Life has been super busy, what with SATS at school and my children doing exams and concerts etc etc. But I have been busy and creating. Way back in February a lady at work announced that she was having a baby. I was keen to knit for her and she said what she would really like is a large, white shawl. I remember my Aunt knitting me a beautiful lace one for my first child and then when I announced I was expecting twins, she knitted me a second one! They are much used and treasured and the most useful of items so I asked her for the pattern and decided this was THE ONE! Well many a time I wondered just what was I doing, attempting such a pattern! It was lacy and huge and in 4 ply but I soldiered on and finally, finally I have finished it! Just as well because there was a surprise lunch for her today and it is the last day to see her!
This is the pattern of the centre....about 5ft square.
And the lace edging; miles and miles and miles of it!
A rather nicely eased corner (if I may say so)
And the final thing; that's on my king size bed for scale! I can't deny that I am relieved it's finished. There are several mistakes that I just couldn't rectify but hey, it's handmade. She was delighted with I just hope she will use it or my labours will have been in vain!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Feed Sacks....

I think I might have told you but last year I went on holiday to Oregon, USA. Whilst I was there I visited an amazing patchwork shop called Tater Patch and they had just the most amazing range of fabrics. What I was really looking for was feedsacks. Those 1930s style ones that people used to make into quilts; I thought they would be easy to pick up but when I was chatting to the ladies there, they said that quilting fashion had moved on from feedsacks and that there really weren't that many about these days. Then just as I was leaving the shop, one of the ladies suddenly asked me to hang on a mo. She ran downstairs and came back with 7 feedsacks. They weren't of the 1930s vintage but they were very pretty, cotton fabrics. She gave them to me as a gift and I have been trying to decide what to do with them!
Guess latest favourite magazine came up trumps again!
This design would showcase the fabrics but also would have a bit more interest than plain squares. First job was to unpick the stitching on the sacks.Oh boy, that took ages! And this is how I know these are not very old sacks as the thread was a synthetic fibre that melted when I ironed it! That done I had 7 lovely big pieces of fabric so I cut out all my bits and also sashing from some plain white I had bought.
I love to see all the "kit" for a quilt laid out, ready to go! Next I assembled the blocks; 9 of each design.
Finally I laid them out, following the pattern in the magazine and stitched them all together with the white sashing. By now it was nearly midnight and I had spent 12 hours on it (with a break to cook and eat dinner).
So there is the top! All done. I have NO idea what to back it with but I am thinking a white quilt in our house is NOT going to be a good idea! I love the way the feedsacks really feature. So there we have it: 3 quilts in 3 weeks (even though this isn't quite finished!)I think I might rest my poor machine for a bit now. Need some more supplies but Sandown is soon......

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Oops I did it again.....!

Yep, I did that "oh I can do that, only take me an afternoon" thing again. Took me 4 days! But here is the final creative thing I made in my Easter Holidays. I was inspired by this front cover,
and this Pin on Pinterest. So I clambered off to the loft again and had a good old tidy up of all the trousers I have ever collected putting coloured ones in one suitcase, black ones in a fruit box and all the blue ones in a MASSIVE box. Then I made my selection of the largest and plainest pairs.
Then I had to plan my version
Next job was drawing around my circle template which I did in biro so it would show up. As this was going to be inside it wouldn't show!
This was where the slow bit started; it took me over 4 hours to hand cut out all those circles! 140 of them!
I then drew around my square template on top of the circle and used this as the stitching line to sew my circles together
A fair bit of ironing was required after each row and then I tucked my fabric squares into the pressed circles and stitched them down with a long, wavy zig-zag stitch
I mistakenly thought this would be super quick to put together but I added fabric after I had joined each row of circles and that meant that at the end I then had to turn the quilt through 90 degrees to do the other two sides of the square.
I bought a pack of 6 fat quarters in paisley to be my middles and they all pull it together quite nicely. So finally after 3 days machining and over 1000m of navy thread (yes really that much!) it is done! I love the back with the different denims and the faint wiggles...
And it looks great next to the other denim one too! I think of them as "Circles In, Circles Out!"
And as an extra bonus, some of those zig-zagged edges are going to go all lovely and frayed with use.....