Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My New CJ!

Yeay!! I am off on a new CJ journey! I love love LOVE CJs, especially the ones I have done on UKStampers where we send a stamp round with it. So here is mine....a PaperArtsy squiggly heart stamp is what I have chosen to send!
I made little envies (from an old copy of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales) and added a tag in each. For my entry I found some anatomical heart drawings on the net and printed them off to add to the envie and tag. The quote says "Be still my beating heart" but I couldn't find out where that came from!
I stamped the heart on a burnt coke can (heated in the flame on the gas cooker....makes it go a groovy colour) then went over the squiggles with an embossing tool to indent them slightly.

This is the whole book...unbound for now as I will do it with the BIA when it comes home!
So off it goes on it's journey and I will see it in 12 months! Can't wait!

Now I have been lucky enough to receive a blog award from my pal Burnice...

...but I can't work out how to get it up so please just bear with me and I will show it to you in a day or so when I work it out!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks fab Tasha! Love the burnt can idea! x

Effie said...

I just had to self control!
It's going to be fab!

Angelnorth said...

This looks great Tasha! Love the coke can heart and the little envie format, it will look fab all filled up!

Sid said...

Fantastic it !

Anonymous said...

looking good Tasha

Unknown said...

It is going to be amazing ... I am looking forward to adding to it :0)