Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Friendship Quilt

We are having a bit of a change around at school where I work. One teacher is leaving and the teacher I have worked with since I started there is going up to Year Three. I am staying in Year Two with a new teacher so as we are no longer going to be working together. I felt it called for a special present.
Typically I left it very late to make a quilt but I decided to make up my own design from blocks in a patten book. I chose to alternate this friendship star with a basic 9 patch.

I drew the plan up in my notebook and then cut up all the 3 1/2 " squares. Now I know that I should have cut them a bit larger for the star blocks but hey, it's a learning curve.

Then I laid them all out "in a pleasing manner". I love this bit! And these are so far removed from colours I would normally use but I loved how fresh they look.

In the end I needed to "ease" the slightly smaller star squares to make them fit and decided to add a small border. I added the small half size colour blocks in the border just to make the white sashes fit without joins! Isn't always the way that you need a strip about 2" longer than the fabric you have?

Closer view of the squares which shows the self patterned white fabric a bit better. I also quilted it in blue, a bit scary over the white but ok on the backing!

I backed and bound it with this dark blue.

And even though it was the same fabric I always find it easier to cut the binding separately and attach.
I just about managed it in time but there were a few hairy late night end sewing in sessions!!
And best of all, she LOVED it!
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Linda said...

Gorgeous Tash! Sorry we didn't get to see it irl, but it is lovely in the photos:)

Burnice said...

That's great Tash. Very impressive.
Loving the idea of the block in the border - why didn't I every think of that!!!

Sid said...

This is a lovely fresh, crisp quilt !!