Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day 4

Day four was all about the Perfect Christmas; this year I decided to think about how much time we spend striving for perfection. The journalling reads;
"What does make a perfect Christmas? Is there such a thing? Should we worry so much about whether our mince pies are homemade or shop ones; whether we sent a card to everyone who sent us one; whether our tree is decked in the latest colour trend?
Or should we focus on the REAL Christmas? Being able to spend time with loved ones; being thankful that we are safe and warm and fed? Maybe we shouldn't strive for perfect...just good enough..."
On the tiny pull out tags are things that the family said made their Christmas perfect!

This was just 3 Sissix snowflakes cut and layered together.
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Tinkertaylor said...

Great idea for a layout. I'm with you I gave up trying for perfect years ago and now I'm happy that our family can get together for one day of the year.

Sid said...

Nice page again, like the rosette !!

Linda said...

Loving your JYC LOs Tash! Well done for keeping up - so far!