Sunday, 27 July 2008

This is something I have never done before; make a charm bracelet. In August Craft Stamper there was a free stamp of this rather cute strawberry and one of the things they had done with it was a charm bracelet using shrink plastic. Well I made a few strawberries and scrabbled about for a few beads that "went" and tried to make a start. But it wasn't going well and I got a bit disheartened. About a week ago I took a trip over to The Glitterpot and noticed that a bead shop has opened up there called Giraffe Gems. Wow, it was like being in a sweetie shop! I bought some headed pins and a few more beads and this length of chain that can be cut to the right length. Now this was great, as despite the rest of me being rather large, my wrists are small and bracelets always slide off! So on Friday night this was what I made. I have added 2 more strawberries on the empty links but I wasn't about to do them then as by the time I had finished it was nearly 1am! Friday was also the 25th so it made for some interesting photos for my "Scrap your Year" book. Pics of July's LO for that will follow shortly, but I am off on ANOTHER Brownie Pack Holiday tomorrow so it may be a day or two!
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Hazel said...

This looks so pretty! I'm glad there isn't a bead shop near me, I would be tempted to spend all of my stamp money in there! Hope you enjoy your camp.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Must have a scrabble about in my bead stash! xx